Company Overview

Our mission is to improve client product development capabilities.
To do this, we assist the client in restructuring their product development processes, and then work closely with the client on implementing best practices in the use of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools.
At ADS we start with a careful analysis of the client’s current product development processes, and then, based on our experience, recommend the changes that are indicated.
Next, we propose a detailed PLM tool usage plan as the means to achieve the new and improved process or processes.
We finish with support of the implementation of the newly restructured product development process or processes.

ADS was established in 2005 by Mr. Yoshio Sato, who had extensive experience in the structuring and implementation of PLM projects.
While in the past most PLM consultants in Japan acted as sales engineers for specific software package vendors, Mr. Sato has from the beginning made his recommendations from a vendor-neutral standpoint, giving absolute priority to the client’s interests.
As a result, highly qualified consultants who agree with Mr. Sato’s vision have joined ADS.

Thus far, ADS has provided solutions in the following areas.
The areas in which ADS will accept consulting engagements are to be expanded in the future.

  • Designs for new product development processes that are easy to monitor and implementation plans to make the designs work.
  • Support for the creation of industry-specific three-dimensional (3D) design methodologies best matched to client product concepts.
  • Implementation of 3D design operations, and standardization of operation rules tailored to the client’s product lines.
  • Development of PLM/PDM (Product Data Management) systems for: RFP (Request for Proposals) preparation, requirements definition, and system start-ups.
  • Establishment of production control systems for: RFP preparation, requirements definition, and system start-ups.
  • Creation of 3D models for: libraries, samples, and design automation models.
  • Customization and optimization of client CAD and PDM usage.


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